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This is realllllllllly weird lmao

This is really NORMAL.
Except we never see it-so it is terrifying and uncomfortable when it happens.
(Mostly because people would laugh or be unkind)

I own a sex shop. Once a woman bled on our chair during an interview. She was horrified and felt ashamed because it was in some way unprofessional. We weren’t bothered. We said ‘what better place to work on being ok with your body than at a feminist sex shop?’
Bleeding is normal and dealing with it is one of the most pervasive ways women are complicit in their silence.

Some men bleed too. How would you react to that? For many men who are Trans the act of bleeding is a security threat.

Fuck off with your lolz.

Reblogging again for above commentary ^^^^^

very cool

This is so fucking awesome

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